Kia ora! My name is Candace Loy. I was born and bred in Singapore, and have lived in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, for half my existence! My aim in life is to create sea gardens in various forms, using ocean-made art + science.


I’ve been based in Aotearoa since 2012, and completed my PhD in Marine Science at Leigh Marine Lab together with a Pacific oyster farm, Biomarine Ltd., looking at ways to introduce native marine crops to be cocultured with Pacific oysters, in a way that recycles nutrients and diversifies crop options. Using integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) principles and ecological approaches, I trialed various shellfish, gastropods, echinoderms and seaweed on the farming sites, and then moved to working on native seaweed breeding and bioactive extractions. Currently I am looking to apply these principles to biosecurity, restoration, and ecological engineering solutions.

Sampling estuarine sediment during a cockle survey.


My favourite way to live, is to combine my curiosity and love for art, nature and science. I hope to share what I find beautiful and fascinating in the form of artwork and stories with you. My bias is towards marine-inspired work, especially seaweeds, plankton, and molluscs (it’s hard to pick one thing, really). e.g. #OceaninaDropNZ


When I’m not gawking at rockpools or surfing, I try to grow some veges, or bake something yummy. I’m currently rediscovering the beauty of congee, a savoury rice porridge I loved to eat when I was growing up in Singapore.
PS. If you have tips for long-lived and flourishing maidenhair ferns, please lmk asap.

xx Candace

Many happy memories wandering the waters around Goat Island Marine Reserve.